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The Tuning Point Advantage
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  Mark 05/12/2016
  Jana 05/12/2016
David and the staff are always so friendly and informative. The work is done quickly and with updates throughout the process. I feel very confident taking our vehicles to the Tuning Point Advantage. I would highly recommend this shop to my friends and family.
  Preston 05/05/2016
Took my H3 there worried. There was definitely a worst case scenario which was a $2500 tab to replace the ever important differential. The mechanics were able to avoid the full replacement and saved me $1800. As always, the news may not always be good with vehicles, but my trust with Tuning Point Advantage is without reservation.
  Lou 05/05/2016
The best repair garage in Tallahassee! Honest and dependable. They tell you the truth that is why I continue to go.
  Mark 04/29/2016
I trust The Tuning Point Advantage to accurately advise on what my vehicle needs and to do the job right. You can trust them too!
  Ken 04/14/2016
I took my car in to have the oil changed, the tires rotated and to have the brakes checked and fixed, if necessary. When I went to pick it up, I was told that the brakes were fine for now. The front brakes were great, and I still had about 40% of the rear brake pads. I know that many places would have just gone ahead and replaced the brake pads whether they needed to be replaced or not. Thus account is listed in my husband's name, but I was the one who took it into the shop. Often a business will take advantage of a woman, thinking that she will be a pushover. The Tuning Point will continue to have my business. They are a little higher on some services, a little lower on others, but they are always honest and fair.
  Preston 04/14/2016
First, trust. News at auto shops is not always going to be good news. Most important to me is honesty and over many years I have come to completely trust the team at TPA. The repairs are always timely and done properly. I have had major work done and basic maintenance on every car I own performed at TPA and I am very satisfied.
  Keith 04/07/2016
I have had my truck serviced with The Tuning Point, bumper to bumper, for many years now, and would not take it anywhere else. The guys are great to deal with, fast and dependable. Prices are affordable and usually right on target.
  Cliff 11/23/2018
  Cliff 08/10/2018
courteous and good service
  Jim 06/05/2016
I really love the thoroughness of examination and detail in explanation what is wrong and how it should be fixed. One thing I would suggest is if the car is taking longer than a day to fix, please call the owner to let them know what is going on and an estimate on when it might be fixed. We try to plan our day based upon our transportation needs and it would be helpful to plan our schedules based on when we have or might have our cars back.
  Terrill 10/19/2017
Professional, thorough consultation. Prohibitive cost, especially of labor.
  Jack 12/02/2016
Went in for an oil change and tune up - estimated cost $100. Was told after the oil change that the car was in need of major repair, it would cost $200 to figure out everything that was wrong with it and then another several hundred to actually fix it, including $600 to replace the sparkplugs and wires, which I used to think was what a tune up was. Took it to a tire shop were they showed me what was actually wrong with the thing and what would be required to fix it. They were much nicer to me and far more helpful, even though I was just there to get a tire. Bought $80 worth of parts and did the tune up myself. Will recommend against this shop in the future.
Shop Comment
Jack, Sometimes the news is not what we want to hear. The estimated cost of diagnostics for your vehicle was Approx. $100. You were only charged for the Oil Service(35.00) When we started service on your vehicle it was determined that there was only 1/2 qt of oil in your engine.( 284k miles) possibly some of the reason for the engine noise and drive ability issues you were having. We did perform a comprehensive inspection with the oil service. The results were multiple oil leaks, multiple missfire codes in the engine. Tires that were really unsafe to drive on. All this was discussed with you and the potential causes and costs were generalized. You declined further diagnostics to find the cause of the misfires and running problem. I am glad you were able to do the repairs yourself and save some money. Not an easy undertaking for the Do it Yourself-er.
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